Thursday, April 10, 2008

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MoCo political gadfly Robin Ficker flags down motorists with a Mark Fennel sign outside a candidate forum at Paint Branch High School last night.

Just Up The Pike returns from a strenuous week of architecture studio with a vengeance, hitting the East County with a blitzkrieg of posts detailing all I've done and all that's going on Up The Pike. The "District 4 Head-to-Head Tour" comes to an end as we interview County Council hopefuls Robert Patton, John McKinnis and Don Praisner. We'll hear about Citizens Involved's candidate forum at Paint Branch, where all of the players spar each other for the umpteenth time in less than a month. We'll also hear about some of the latest developments in Burtonsville Town Center, including one that could change the face of B'ville as early as this summer.

Keep your eyes peeled for what we've got to show: the special election is in five days.


Anonymous said...

What about the 4th Congressional forum last night?

The Donna Ewards was a no show. After her attacks on Wynn from being the absent representative she gave the voters more of the same.

The Gazette and other media was also a no show.

The greatest applause of the night came at the end of my talk. And to a room filled with Democrats at that.

Donna Edwards spokesperson got up and repeated the big lie about the Federal Reserve.

You didn't even bother to interview me. With a special election for Congress only a few weeks away this media and opponent black out. Stinks of old boy politics. The kind the 4th District is sick of. This is just what we saw from communist USSR.

Who was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board from 1930 through the spring of 1933, the period known as the Great Depression"?

Eugene Meyer that's who. The ex wall street investment banker and the same guy who after constricting the money supply for three years, resigned and purchased the Washington Post for pennies onthe dollar. After the depression he caused force the Post into bankrupt. Myer was Kathrine Graham's dad.

No wonder the Gazette didn't show up. It is owned by the Washington Post. Guess who the Post, Gazette will be endorsing?

The super rich through their banks are create themselves free money to purchase our foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar.

Please Google and watch the video "Money as Debt".

while the Fed board members, not the Fed banks, are appointed by the president to 14 year terms, The 12 Federal Reserve banks are owned by their member banks. The New York Fed bank having a permanent spot and veto powers on the Open Market committee yield the real power over the Fed banks and thus the economy.

It is this Unjust money monopoly that is the reason there is no money to rebuild the high school or downtown Burtonsville.

I say as did Andrew Jackson, "You are a den of vipers and thieves.
I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out."

Peter James

Anonymous said...

Mark Fennel for County Council and Property Tax Relief. Mark is opposed to the biggest property tax increase in 20 years which has been proposed by the county executive. The proposed increase is over 14%, or 420% of the increase that would be allowed by the charter property ax limit. Mark will vote to stick to the charter property tax limit and supports the November ballot question which makes it more difficult to exceed the charter property tax limit. In a recession, with $4gas and 401k's tanking, we have had 20% increases in sales taxes, 52.63% increases in state income taxes, 20% increases in car taxes, 18% increases in corporate taxes, biggest in 10 years increase in water bills, up to 75% increases in electricity bills, and huge Metro fare increases., we can't afford the biggest property tax n a generation on top of that.

Vote Mark Fennel on April 15 for County Council and Property Tax Relief!

Anonymous said...

Burtonsville Champion Mark Fennel has my support on April 15!

Thomas Hardman said...

In a genuinely scary demonstration of how non-free and non-fair the political process in Montgomery County has become, yesterday the Gazette published an article on the massive increase in unemployed day-laborers gathering at various non-CASA sites all around the County, particularly in District 4.

I cited it in an article at my Campaign Blog. Within mere hours the Gazette website had pulled the online article and all references to it, and expunged it from the search engine.

The paper copy of the Aspen Hill edition has the article on Page A-41.

Excerpts remain, including citations of sources outside of the County government who should be available for confirmation. Those excerpts are cited under Fair Use policy.

The blog article in question is available at and is titled "Complete Meltdown Looming?"

I'd say it's already begun.

Burtonsville's meeting was by far the largest so-far, and with the highest average income and the greatest likelihood of voting based on what they heard from the candidates. It was also, as best I could tell, that forum with the greatest number of Republicans and conservative or right-leaning independents. Where was the Gazette? Probably getting dressed down over writing the truth and printing it. Yet they missed out on the most newsworthy of all of the forums, in my humble opinion.

They missed out on the proposal to create a District Four PAC. Win or lose, I will be promoting that idea.

Simply stated, even our District Councilperson has far too much power and too little accountability and We the People need new checks-and-balances on the arbitrary exercise of power by politicians that work with the media to do exactly what they want, and never mind the People's wishes or needs.

After the Burtonsville meeting, we heard from the people down at Four Corners who were incensed that the County is going to convert greenspace the locals like, to a soccer field the locals don't want, and they're going to spend taxpayer money to do it against the will of the locals at a time when revenue is scarce. This is yet another example of how checks-and-balances are lacking.

District Four needs to develop some unity and an ability to apply consistent and intolerable pressure on our elected representative in the County Council.

Unknown said...

There is only one candidate in our Fourth District for the County Council Special Elections on April 15 and May 13 who has made a commitment to sticking to, and not exceeding the charter property tax limit---Mark Fennel. The new assessments overvalue our homes for tax purposes. Our home values have dropped. So we are being overtaxed already. Why should we have to pay more property taxes when gasoline is up so high even before the summer driving season drives the price towards $4 a gallon.

Mark is a long-time employee of Citizens Against Government Waste, a national non-profit. None of the present council members seem interested in eliminating waste and putting tax increases a‎s an absolute last resort. We can't afford any more foreclosures. Many are leaving the county to find cheaper housing elsewhere. Immigrants are doubling up because housing is so expensive. Along with the November charter amendment which makes it more difficult to raise property taxes beyond the charter limit, Mark Fennel is our only hope to stop excessive property taxes until the 2010 elections!

Anonymous said...

The Gazette article is still there. Do your research before making these claims.

Thomas Hardman said...

The Gazette article isn't "still there", it was moved. Now it's back... except it's not.

"The requested URL /stories/041008/montnew175849_32366 was not found on this server."

And now it's back, here.