Tuesday, May 13, 2008

district 4 votes for open council seat today

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Today is Election Day! No, really! It's the special general election to fill the County Council seat left open by the passing of Marilyn Praisner, who passed away in February. While Democrat Don Praisner is the favored winner in left-leaning District 4 - which stretches from Derwood and Glenmont in the west to Four Corners and Burtonsville in the east - there is a growing concern that a paltry turnout could mean a win for Republican Mark Fennel.

The Praisner campaign, which until recently was "very quiet" according to Don himself, sent out a mailer to residents of the sprawling district warning that "the Republicans are counting on Democrats staying home" come Election Day. Last week, Maryland Politics Watch's Adam Pagnucco explained how Fennel could finish the deal with just a few hundred votes.

If you've got twenty minutes at some point in your day, why not swing by your local polling place and cast a vote? Our Republican readers might note this is the first time in a long time in MoCo your party's got a fighting chance; if you're a Democrat, you'll probably want to put the kibosh on that immediately.

ALSO: The Just Up The Pike camera tragically disappeared some time last week, possibly in Burtonsville, possibly in College Park, possibly at my house. If you happen to see a Nikon Coolpix S9 with a photo of Don Praisner in it at any of these places, please send it my way!


Anonymous said...

The Washington Post wouldn't endorse Praisner. That seals the deal. Why should the Board of Elections send out a non-required get-out-the-vote mailing to 100,000 voters for Don Praisner when he doesn't deserve our endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Fennnel knows monopolies are bad, political or otherwise. One party rule, without dissent, is bad. We need one measly Mark Fennel, a long-time employee of Citizens Against Government Waste, to keep them honest.

Anonymous said...

It's election day, and we're still getting Ficker comment spam. What fun!

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is that Praisner may not get the turnout he needed to pull off the slam-dunk victory the democrats have come to expect in every county race. we may see the turning point of voters frustrated by tax and spend democrats that use our hard earned tax dollars to bring undesireable people into our community and subsidize their way of life

Thomas Hardman said...

That last anonymous does have a point there.

If recent remarks by some sitting Council people are any indication, either they were running a little scared, or most likely came to their senses behind massive complaining by their constituents who really can't take getting additional property taxes on top of te economic slowdown and ballooning fuel costs.

It's becoming common knowledge all around that the County has to "tighten up" as my biker friends might say.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's as good as in the books now and we the people have chosen Mr. Praisner by a margin of 2 to 1. Let's all look forward to the continuation of Mrs. Praisner's great vision for District 4.

Congratulations, Councilmember Praisner!