Friday, November 7, 2008

what's up the pike: burtonsvilly and the wall

Townhomes in Avonshire, which sits next to the Route 29 sound barrier.

- Boy, am I regretting not going to the Zombie Walk: it made the Gazette. Further congratulations to Sligo and Eric, working tirelessly to combat stereotypes that Silver Spring is a) bland and corporate and b) has living residents.

- Speaking of the Gazette: it looks like somebody decided to go to bed early Tuesday night, because I got one lousy Obama-win-commemorative newspaper Wednesday.

- If you're looking for the fall colors, look no further than the Avonshire neighborhood on Briggs Chaney Road, where the houses battle with the trees for supremacy of hues. On top of that, it's on top of the Route 29/Briggs Chaney interchange and surrounded by sound walls that make it seem like the place is floating on a cloud. (No, really.) Check out our Avonshire fall colors/dreamworld photoset.

- Greater Greater Washington complains about proposed skybridges in the new Silver Spring library, set to go up at the corner of Bonifant and Fenton eventually. By pulling pedestrians off the street, skybridges threaten the vibrant street life the proposed library's supposed to encourage, says GGW's David. This wasn't the only skybridge that was supposed to go up in Downtown - next week, hopefully, I'll show you a 1970's-era master plan that illustrates a Silver Spring where everything happens ten feet above the road.

Have a great weekend! Keeping to what I told my readers to do in this week's Diamondback column, I'm getting the hell out of here. I'll see you on Monday.

(Our apologies for the bad Tilly and the Wall pun.)

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