Monday, December 8, 2008

what's up the pike: thrown under the bus

We might as well call this blog Just Up The Purple Line, because there's been no shortage of transit-related brouhaha these past few weeks. (We have a story about the ICC to post, though.) Anyways:

- Dist. 18 Delegate Al Carr's review of bus rapid transit in Cleveland has caused quite a stir among MoCo's light-rail pushing transit advocates. Purple Line Now!, whose goal needs no explanation, sent Carr a fiery response over the weekend, calling up a former Ohio transit commissioner to debunk the delegate's conclusions about the HealthLine, a new BRT route in East Cleveland. It would've been surprising if Delegate Carr had come away from his trip with a negative impression of the project, given his testimony in favor of BRT for the Purple Line at the public hearings last month.

- As much as he knows about urban planning, Richard Layman - of Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space - never has much to say about Montgomery County, living in the District and focusing primarily on issues down there. This week, however, he posted a presentation dubbed "Transit Beyond the Purple Line," all about how MoCo needs to create a real plan for mobility, not just rapid bus lines as Councilmember Elrich is proposing. (By the way: Elrich's plan was featured in yesterday's Post.) It's definitely something worth checking out, as Layman knows his stuff - even if he's not a big fan of Silver Spring.

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