Wednesday, January 7, 2009

student photo contest deadline friday

The following comes from Tim Hampton of VisArts, the arts center at Rockville Town Square (pictured!), which is hosting a student photo contest. "We tend to get more entries from the other side of the county and I wanted to try to balance that" with submissions from the east side, says Hampton. Take heed, you alternakids who hang out on Ellsworth, what with your skinny jeans and your SLR cameras:
This Friday, Jan. 9, is the deadline for VisArts' annual student photography call for entries. This is honestly an *amazing* opportunity for middle and high school students, because their two photos will get juried by Frank Goodyear, the Assistant Curator of Photography at the National Portrait Gallery, and, if selected, exhibited at VisArts' gallery during the upcoming "How You See It" exhibition.

It's completely free to middle- and high-school students, and entering is simple: someone sends an e-mail to with either one or two photos attached (they can be digitally altered or pure) and 5 pieces of information: (1) Artist Name, (2) Image Title(s), (3) Artist Age, (4) Current School, (5) Name(s) of the artist's photography or art teachers. That's it, although full details are described in the attached PDF, which is also available for anyone to download at
That's this Friday, January 9th. No offense to our friends at Rockville Central, but let's show them how we do it (uh, taking pictures . . .?) on the east side!

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