Friday, January 9, 2009

what's up the pike: take it all in stride

While buying some bread at Super Fresh yesterday, I discovered a live bird. This was surprising to me, because birds tend to hang out in the poultry section. Can't say I was encouraged by this clear lapse of quality control on the part of Super Fresh (if I want a live bird, I'll go to a petting zoo, thanks) but was particularly disappointed because the little guy would not let me take a picture of him. He must've been pretty scared.

Anyway, this is what's going down in East County:

- Woodside residents are relieved to know that the strange men tromping through their backyards are actually transit advocates Webb Smedley and Wayne Phyillaier, who have been hacking a makeshift Capital Crescent Trail, which currently ends abruptly in an industrial area west of Downtown Silver Spring.

- The Post reports that the suspects in last month's shooting at Wheaton Plaza have been apprehended, proving that crime especially doesn't pay when you walk around on camera holding a carry-out box. (These things help to identify you, like ski masks or a cell phone. Remember the Cell Phone Bandit? The guy she was on the phone with was my cousin. I promise.)

- Local advocacy group IMPACT Silver Spring is holding its yearly Silver Spring Action conference next Tuesday, January 13 at the Discovery Building. The following comes from their event listing on Facebook, where you can get more info.
Last year, over 150 people came together to develop a vision for a welcoming, safe, and vibrant Silver Spring.

Join us this year as we take our vision into action!
• Network with members of our diverse community – building stronger cross-cultural relationships
• Discuss issues in your neighborhoods and institutions – identifying where team leadership is needed
• Find others to act with you for positive change – experiencing the power of community-based action

Doors open at 6:45 pm
Program from 7:00 - 9:00 pm
I'll be there. Totally ready to take this civic-involvement thing away from the keyboard and into the real world.


Thomas Hardman said...

Dan: live birds in stores are often a sign of how busy the store is.

Home Despot in Aspen Hill has its own flock of sparrows, and occasionally of other small opportunistic birds. Generally, the same is true of other big-box stores. The birds generally don't last very long, among other things, there are a lot of things for them to eat in there, but most of those things aren't particularly nutritious to birds. Bread, for example, tastes great and birds love it because it's filling. But it's so low in protein that they starve to death with full bellies.

retgroclk said...

Some of the local farms offer "pick your own produce", maybe this is "pick your own poultry".

Live birds tend to fly in through the back door when a store is unlading trilers or small independent vendors of merchandise.

With all the deadly germs floating around in a grocery store, one bird is nothing to worry about.