Thursday, February 26, 2009

as always . . .

Check out my weekly column in the Diamondback, the University of Maryland's independent student newspaper. This week, I'm writing about my unsuccessful attempts at apartment-hunting in Rockville, in which a leasing agent told me I "didn't look like I could afford to live" in his complex.

(Yes, I said "Rockville," which you'll know from reading this blog is not in East County. What me living on Rockville Pike would mean for Just Up The Pike is that I wouldn't have to pay for a new domain name.)

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Thomas Hardman said...

Dan, trust me, you probably do not want to live in Rockvile, even if you can afford it.

Get together with some friends or family you can trust, and lease a house in one of the Glenmont neighborhoods. Convenient to Metro and to other forms of transit, and you can even park your car there.

Or maybe get a room in Twinbrook, though like much of Rockville nowadays, "kinda sketchy" (if not actually "touch and go") might be a good description of parts of it.