Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this kid will end up on the hood of my car

It's very dangerous, but I enjoy taking photos while driving. This is on East University Boulevard in Four Corners, right after Blair High School let out last Friday afternoon. It looked like a prison escape: groups of students milling about, unsure where to go, but clear on getting the hell out, hopping Metrobuses, mounting skateboards, or just taking off.

This kid was staring right at me when I snapped the picture, and as the light changed, he darted in front of my car when I hit the gas. A few seconds made the difference between him making it across University or landing on my hood. Wish I was that crazy/stupid when I was his age; then again, wish I could've walked home from school to begin with at his age. Oh, well.


Sligo said...

Well, Blair does look like a prison...

Thomas Hardman said...

All of the recently built megaschools look like prisons.

Go take a look at Richard Montgomery. Looks more like the County jail than the County jail does. I'm not kidding, go drive past both. The only difference is that if you get up close enough, you can see razorwire at the jail.