Thursday, March 12, 2009

what's up the pike: around the world and back again (updated)

A grease truck at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Photo courtesy of Mike Tigas.

- Check out my weekly column in the Diamondback, U-Md.'s independent student newspaper. This week, I'm writing about a recent trip to New Jersey, where I discovered the "grease truck," a sandwich stand at Rutgers University that's helping to generate a new kind of urban space. (Also worth reading are the number of "OMG JERSEY IS SO AWESOME" comments. So typical.)

- Former schoolmate (and now living in Boston) Rob Goodspeed explores the ongoing controversy over the Falklands, the New Deal-era apartment complex in Downtown Silver Spring that may be partially redeveloped. Yesterday, the County Council held a hearing on whether or not to preserve it.

- District 4 candidate Cary Lamari has challenged his nine opponents to become more transparent, sending his answers to a questionnaire from the Chamber of Commerce to Maryland Politics Watch. So far, only Nancy Navarro has responded. (Update: Rob Goldman has also submitted his answers.)

- Finish the Trail alleges that Purple Line opponents, led by Pam Browning of Save the Trail, "trashed" the Capital Crescent after their "No Rail on the Trail" run last weekend by covering trees in purple tape.

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Rob Goldman said...

I met Cary Lamari's challenge and sent my questionnaire responses to Adam Pagnucco for posting on his blog. My responses have not been posted yet. I'm happy to share each and every response. If you want to post my responses on Just Up the Pike, I'd be happy to send them to you as well.