Wednesday, March 4, 2009

youth center documentary seeking contributors at open house

Back in January, the Post's John Kelly wrote about the possibility that Led Zeppelin may have played their first show in the United States at the Wheaton Youth Center (now the Wheaton Community Center) on Georgia Avenue forty years ago. This weekend, producer Jeff Krulik is inviting people who were there - or at any of the Youth Center's many other shows throughout the 1960's and 70's - to contribute their memories of the era to a documentary he's making called Led Zeppelin Played Here. This comes from an e-mail he sent us earlier this week, along with a flyer (at left):
I'm very pleased that there has been terrific response to our open house/reunion scheduled for next Saturday, March 7 from 12-6PM. New flyer attached. I hope you can join us, or at least share any memories, photos or scrapbook images via email to

If you can't find a parking spot at the Wheaton Community Center, you can park at the Wheaton Library right next door. Snack machines are on the premises. Memorabilia will be on display, and there are a few record dealers who have been invited to set up. We will be taping oral histories for the documentary LED ZEPPELIN PLAYED HERE.
The open house will be from 12 to 6pm this Saturday at the Wheaton Community Center at Georgia and Hermitage avenues. Also check out the trailer for Led Zeppelin Played Here on YouTube.

Can't say I really care for Led Zeppelin, but it's kind of cool to imagine that one of the world's most famous rock bands made their U.S. premiere in front of a bunch of high-school kids in Wheaton. I live for those kinds of bragging rights.

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Sligo said...

First concert in the DC area, maybe, but there were certainly a number of other US dates prior to that, per the band's own website.