Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what's up the pike: where i drank last weekend

East County must really like to drink, because last week's post on where I should celebrate my 21st birthday generated one of the longest comment threads in, well, a while. I was thrilled to receive so many birthday wishes and bar recommendations from my readers (and a number of Your Elected Officials but, notably, not Delegate Herman Taylor.)

Now, for the answer you've all been waiting for. Where did I do it? There are actually three answers:

Dinner with family: The Olive Grove, Linthicum Heights, Maryland
My mother doesn't drink, so I felt ordering something from their menu of fruity iced things would be impolite. This Italian restaurant (we had crab cakes, though) is twenty-five miles from my house (out by BWI Airport) but came well-recommended from my friend, who went there with her parents once.

First real drink: Busboys and Poets, 14th and U streets NW, Washington, D.C.
The bar scene on U Street is much bigger than that in College Park or Silver Spring, of course, so it seemed like a good place for me to get a crash course in barhopping. I was kind of overwhelmed by the choices, though, so my friends dragged me in here. Awesome place to chill out, but it always surprises me that Busboys is actually a BAR. Very impatient for one of these to open up in Silver Spring. I mean, if they can do it in Shirlington, they can do it here.

First drink in Silver Spring: Quarry House Tavern, Georgia Avenue and Bonifant Street.

The Quarry House comes in alongside the Royal Mile in Wheaton and Old Hickory Grille in Burtonsville for the most recommendations. But wow, the burgers here are huge! (Half-price on Mondays!) And they actually do call their drink list "Beericulum Vitae"! Wow! I've only known of this place since I was five, and now I can say I have been inside. My friends and I were definitely the youngest people there by at least ten years, though, save for maybe the emo kid behind the bar. (It made me think of Ellsworth, and I teared up a little at the thought of my high school days, so far behind me.)

But, of course, if I wanted to be around people my age I would've gone to College Park which, as you notice, I did not.

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Thomas Hardman said...

Dan, if you're going so far afield as the District to drink, may I suggest that you do some clubbing along 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan.

Although U Street NW is definitely "happenin'", it's a bit more flashy and touristy than Adams Morgan, which is a little more favored by locals and longtimers. It has its ups and downs, to be sure. But it usually gets less carpetbaggers and tourists, which is a good thing.