Monday, May 18, 2009

what's up the pike: the day before

The District 4 County Council special election is tomorrow. Find your polling place here.

- There's a new Montgomery County blog on the block, this one tackling with that everpresent issue of pretentious ass-faces: Snoburbia, written by "Kensington/Bethesda/Potomac" native Lydia. Topics covered include everything from condescending ex-patriate parents to Starbucks-sipping MoCo cops. Definitely check out the accompanying store with what Lydia calls "T-shirts for the overclass." They even have a Silver Spring shirt. (It and the website's logo use the streamlined, awesomely pretentious Futura typeface, which happens to be one of my favorites.)

- Did you go to last Saturday's Safe Silver Spring Summit at Montgomery College? How was it? Tell me your thoughts and I'll post them here.

- Tomorrow's the District 4 Special Election, hopefully giving East County some permanent representation on the County Council . . . that is, at least until the general election next fall, when we can do it all over again. Over at MPW, Sharon Dooley talks about the last debate between Democrat Nancy Navarro, Republican Robin Ficker and the Green Party's George Gluck at Sherwood High School.

Meanwhile, the last election mailer to come from Nancy Navarro has Ike Leggett's endorsement on it, suggesting that MoCo Democrats aren't giving up any ground to the rapacious Ficker. Will he support Navarro like this in 2010 if she faces some primary competition from, say, Ben Kramer or Alison Praisner-Klumpp?

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District 4 Voter said...

Drew Powell of Neighbors for a Better Montgomery pointed out that Navarno got 90% of her contributions from out of district unions and developers. We don't need her coming in here and paving our green space. Anybody but Nancy!