Thursday, June 18, 2009

b'ville singer-songwriter gets tribute album

The following is a press release from Burtonsville resident/singer-songwriter/friend of JUTP Barry Louis Polisar, whose thirty-year career was recently encapsulated in a tribute album soon to be released. You may remember Polisar from my posts about the Burtonsville charrette last summer - or, more likely, his appearance on the Juno soundtrack.

We're Not Kidding: A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar

After achieving "overnight" success and fame when his 30 year old song "All I Want is You" was featured in the opening credits of the film JUNO, Barry Louis Polisar has clearly had an interesting year.

Polisar describes his music as "songs for children and smart adults" and has been performing concerts at schools and libraries since 1975. His performance of his song during the animated opening of JUNO has reunited him with fans who had his vinyl recordings as kids, and the soundtrack to JUNO has sold over a million copies, won a Grammy award, and earned Barry a lifetime achievement award from the Children's Music Web.

But now comes the best part. The Radioactive Chicken Heads, an alternative band from Los Angeles has been recording their own versions of Barry's songs for years, even doing an animated video of one of them. Lead singer Aaron Cohen has put together a group of singers and musicians to record covers of Barry's songs and has selected 60 songs by about 45 different artists from around the world. He plans to release a 2-CD Tribute album of Polisar's songs later this Fall.

"The best part for me," Polisar says, "is that most of these artists had my albums as kids and many claim me as an early influence. I can't begin to tell you what that means to me...and how deeply that touches my soul."

The songs on this album cross many genres and Polisar has posted some of the songs on his web site.

Though originally created as children's songs, the album will feature Polisar's songs in genres as diverse as rap, hip-hop, folk, jazz and rock. There is even a Klezmer version of Barry's song "Don't Put Your Finger Up Your Nose" sung in entirely in Yiddish--and three totally different versions of "All I Want is You" from JUNO--including one sung in French from a singer from Brittany.

For additional information, feel free to contact Aaron Cohen at or Barry Louis Polisar at

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