Friday, June 12, 2009

daily snapshot: so long my old friend

In less than twenty-four hours, the era of analog television will be over - and, all across the nation, we'll be saying goodbye to the boxes that brought a simpler, non-digital world to our homes. Friend of JUTP/awesome local photographer Chip Py sent this eulogy to his old television, which is older than I am:
I bought this TV in 1986 at Peoples Drug Store on Old Georgetown Road for $129.00. It was a wedding gift to my sister. For the last ten years it has been my basement TV. Something to turn on while I painted furniture, strung up my fishin poles or any other basement project. It has no remote, the channels are changed with a knob, and it gets UHF! (that round thing on top is a UHF Antennae I have chose not to buy it a conversion box cause it just doesn't seem right.
will miss my basement TV. It will probably sit in my basement for a few more years til I take it to the dump. Or perhaps, like LP's, I could wait for an analog TV comeback!! That High Def is probably just a fad. One day it will be retro cool and I will be cutting edge!!

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