Wednesday, July 8, 2009

daily snapshot: stop emo

'Stop Emo,' Plyers Mill Road and Metropolitan Avenue, Kensington
D.C. had Borf. Three years ago, we had "Stop Emo." Whether out of bitter frustration with a music scene that had long overflown the trough of basement shows, or irritation with the skinny-pants-and-bangs-set that had taken over Ellsworth Drive, some person or people decided to take their message to the streets. From East Silver Spring to Woodside to Kensington (at Plyers Mill Road and Metropolitan Avenue, seen above), road signs now bore the Emo stamp, inside what I always assumed was a cheeseburger.

The "Stop Emo" signs were a nice counterpoint to the "Stop Affluenza" signs in Bethesda. So if we could boil Bethesda down to "rich people," what did that make Silver Spring? Sad, but kind of artsy, if only in a color-by-numbers sort of way. I like it.

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