Thursday, July 23, 2009

has "hellsworth" chilled out this summer?

Ellsworth Drive Is Alive (I Saw No Emo Kids)
It's been nearly five months since a concert on Ellsworth Drive that resulted in three dozen arrests caused us to question how successful the Downtown Silver Spring redevelopment really was. We're halfway through what will be our first summer in four years without "the Turf" - a change that activist Richard Jaeggi predicted would make it tough to handle crowds in that area.

That's why I'm surprised that there hasn't been more talk about the Ellsworth scene this summer, especially because almost a year ago today I wrote about bad behavior in DTSS last summer. What's your take on the so-called "Hellsworth" corridor? Are things as bad as they were last summer, or are patrons better behaved? Has security improved? Do you feel safe going to Downtown Silver Spring again? Leave a comment or shoot an e-mail to justupthepike at gmail dot com.


Anthony Maiolatesi said...

do you feel that the new and improved look of the turf designed by machado and silvetti will be well received by young people in Silver Spring? With so much space designated for benches and a skating rink, is it really going to reduce the congestion problem on Ellsworth. And I didnt know that frequenters of the turf were fans of skating. Must be a Silver Spring thing.

Thayer-D said...

Ellsworth has always bee nice. The rowdines and fights that rarely occure would happen anywhere people gather in public spaces. If we had more outdoor spaces for social interaction like Ellsworth my guess is we would have less issues, not more. See all the Plazas of Europe. Americans need to re-socialize themselves after decades of closing themselves behind automibile oriented developments, computer games, and the like.
As for skaters, let them do whatever they want, like every one else. I for one can't wait for the new Town Square.

Love your blog by the way. Keep it up.