Thursday, August 27, 2009

daily snapshot: wastebasket

Crumpled Street Sign, Fairland at Marlow
A crumpled-up street sign at the corner of Fairland and Marlow roads, a few blocks from my house. When I took the picture, I didn't notice the SUV that had jumped the curb and the girl on her cell phone freaking out. It took me a few minutes to connect all the pieces, much longer than she needed to when she saw a boy with a camera. But, of course, only she will know how to fold up a metal street sign with a vehicle like one unwraps a Starburst with their tongue.


Bowie Mike said...

She was probably engrossed in the latest Just Up the Pike post about Wheaton on her BlackBerry, and she wasn't paying attention to the road.

MissNeekay said...

Oh man, she's my best friend