Wednesday, August 5, 2009

daily snapshots: o'malley pushes the purple line

O'Malley Speaks (Close Up)

Yesterday, Governor Martin O'Malley announced his decision to go forward with the Purple Line - as a light-rail line connecting Bethesda and New Carrollton, running at-grade along the Capital Crescent Trail and local streets. (A more detailed description of the chosen route, and links to maps and reports, can be found on yesterday's post.) As fitting for such a watershed moment, a raft of local politicos and Purple Line supporters showed up at an early-morning press conference outside the New Carrollton Metro station. Check out this photoset of the event for more photos of the goings-on.

(This is to make up for the fact I haven't been keeping up the Daily Snapshot as I wish I had and, if You, The Reader likes it, I'll start doing them again.)

O'Malley, Leggett and Brown Show Up
Governor O'Malley arrives at the press conference, followed by Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett (left) and Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown (right).

Wayne Phyillaier With A Sign
Wayne Phyillaier of Finish the Trail (who I interviewed two years ago) holding a homemade sign.

Donna Edwards Speaks (Close Up)
Congresswoman Donna Edwards gives a speech as local elected officials (too many to name) look on.

Ike Leggett Speaks
Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett spoke about the Purple Line and its planned route along the Capital Crescent Trail.


retgroclk said...

What a waste of taxpayers money.
What a waste of land.

I hope the people along the Purple Line's route in downtown Silver Spring are well compensated.

As for the damage to the environment- no compensation will restore it.

Bob Fustero

Tom A. said...

A new metro line is waste of money and will hurt the environment?

What are you talking about?

I can't wait to take it- well, I'll have to wait many years I suppose....