Friday, August 21, 2009

tastee diner responds to the "kiss-in," sort of

Allegations of Discrimination at Tastee Diner, Silver Spring MD from Tastee Diner on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen this already, Tastee Diner has posted surveillance video from the night of August 12, when lesbian couple Aiyi'Nah Ford and Torian Brown say management asked them to leave for embracing in the restaurant. This is the only response they've given following Wednesday night's "kiss-in," where some thirty supporters of gay rights staged a protest at Tastee Diner.

This is what the diner's management had to say about the video: "On August 12, a couple sat just inside the front door of the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring, Maryland, and with their bodies pressed up against each other, engaged in behavior that is normally considered inappropriate regardless of gender or sexual orientation. This video is a short version showing one burying her face in the other's breasts. The couple was asked to tone it down, but responded angrily, so they were asked to leave."

Given how blurry the video is - "two faceless, dark-gray round things" is how the City Paper describes Ford and Brown's appearance - can you really decide which account of what happened is correct? Were these two girls embracing - or were they engaged in something more illicit? And, regardless of what they may or may not have been doing (picking lint off the other's shoulder? a lot of lint?), does this video vindicate the actions of Tastee Diner staff?

If you were already skeptical of the situation (and, as I explained yesterday, I am not), I don't think this video would help anyone make up their mind. (Thanks to Chip Py for the heads-up.)

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Unknown said...

Being asked to "take that outside" is not "hatred and bigotry" it's just reminding two rude people of their surroundings.

Where is the making out hetro couple that's supposed to be next to them in this video?

This kind of crying wolf for lesbian rights only hurts the cause.