Thursday, October 15, 2009

local google streetview photos updated!

Google StreetView has been available in some form throughout East County for some while now, allowing people mostly below-the-Beltway to explore their neighborhoods without even looking at a window. The photos - taken by a rotating camera atop a truck - were recently updated for the D.C. area, offering a snapshot of life in Silver Spring just a few months ago, when it was still warm and humid and the Civic Building was even less completed.

Not surprisingly, much of the local StreetView action takes place on Ellsworth, where those of all ages can come and be photographed against their will.

streetview (1)

"What are y'all looking at?" The girl asked her friends, stomping her foot. "Seriously? Is there something on my face? Like, tell me!"

streetview (3)

All three of them discovered the abandoned DSW bag at once and froze. Who would get to take it home? Each thought. And, more importantly, what would it take to make the other two look the other way?

streetview (2)
"Jesus, honey, do you have to walk so fast? Red Lobster isn't even gonna close for eight hours."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the CBD, a newly arrived tourist discovers his trip may have been in vain.


"Yeah, I just got off the Greyhound. So where's this giant Astroturf lawn supposed to be?"

streetview (4)

Up The Pike, you can see all of East County has fallen into an abyss of white light and shadow, the depths of which were previously thought to be impenetrable by truck-mounted cameras. Google, once again making the impossible possible.


Sligo said...

If you follow the street down Ellsworth, you can actually make the Civic Center appear out of thin air.

Thomas Hardman said...

Aren't people supposed to report abandoned bags to Terrorism Control?