Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the videomakers: a JUTP exclusive interview

Part ONE of our exclusive interview with Walter Gottlieb, creator of The Videomakers, a new web series set in Silver Spring. (see part ONE | part TWO | part THREE | part FOUR) Above: the first episode.

If you're sick of a TV diet consisting of palm trees and year-round tans, Walter Gottlieb has a show for you. The local filmmaker - best known for his documentaries on Silver Spring, has cast Downtown as the Hollywood of documentaries in his new web series, The Videomakers. His Silver Spring is a place where reality shows are born, TV networks shop for talent, and everyone's sleeping with everyone else, all before a backdrop of Metro trains and City Place Mall. It makes you wonder what Beverly Hills, 90210 would've been like if set in creator Darren Star's native Potomac.

Gottlieb, who wrote, directed and produced the series, says he was inspired by a friend who sent him a New York Times article about web shows. "I had been watching a lot of 'quality TV' like Mad Men and Entourage," he says, "and I thought I would try my hand at producing, writing and directing a narrative product in my own way."

Walter Gottlieb at Einstein Bros.

A few weeks ago, Gottlieb and I met for coffee at Einstein Bros. Bagels, discussing the new series, the state of the industry, and why he loves Silver Spring. Over the next three days, Just Up The Pike will recap our exclusive interview and dish on the next great thing to come out of Silver Spring: its very own TV show. If you'd like to check it out, you can watch the first episode embedded above or visit the show's website. (The Videomakers has an extensive online presence, which we'll talk about more in a later post.) We'll see you back here this afternoon for the first installment.

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