Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what's up the pike: all about food

New Restaurant on Ramsey Avenue

- Work on 8407, chef Pedro Matamoros' new restaurant at 8407 Ramsey Avenue, formerly the Jamaican restaurant Yellow House (and before that, a tiki bar) is well underway. That is, at least from the looks of the sexy floor-to-ceiling-think-I-saw-those-in-Bethesda windows. In July, Matamoros left Latin restaurant Nicaro, on Georgia Avenue, causing them to close for a month before finding a new head cook. To find out when 8407 finally opens, check out their blog and Twitter feed.

- College Perk, the bar/coffeehouse/hipster hangout on Route 1 that closed after an electrical fire (but not before being evicted) last summer, has designs on reopening as a fine dining establishment. The Perk's website says they'd like to take over the former 94th Aero Squadron restaurant's space on Paint Branch Parkway near the College Park Metro, keeping that "same bohemian style" in a considerably larger venue with a "banquet hall" and "dinner theatre." They've brought "three notable chefs" to make food for the venture.

Keep in mind, of course, they're still in a bitter legal battle over their original location, so this half-baked idea will probably stay in the oven for a while longer. [Thanks to Rethink College Park for the heads-up.]

- The Post reviews the General Store at Forest Glen (located at Forest Glen and Seminary roads), still struggling to get on its feet nearly a year after opening. That doesn't change the fact that their onion rings are the most ridiculous and amazing thing you've ever tasted, so don't waste any time in going over there and giving them a try.

- It's supposed to be cold and wet this weekend, but don't let that stop you from attending Saturday's Intergenerational International Festival (don't know why they'd abbreviate that) from 11am to 6pm in Downtown Silver Spring. According to the flyer, the event will have "international foods", an "intergenerational international cooking contest", and "free admission." What events on Ellsworth Drive don't have free admission? Have they started charging kids to hang outside the Majestic now?

- Before and after that event, celebrate the 75th anniversary of Blair High School with a Homecoming Parade leaving from Wayne and Fenton at 9am, and a block party on Ellsworth in the evening from 6 to 8pm.

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