Monday, October 12, 2009

what's up the pike: no federal holidays for me

Catching A Bus, Wayne at Dixon
- Those who take the Metrobus Q2 (Shady Grove-Silver Spring), the most-used route in Montgomery County, can learn and comment on plans to improve the line at a public hearing (PDF) tomorrow at 6:30pm at the First Baptist Church of Wheaton at Georgia and Veirs Mill. WMATA wants to split the route (PDF) into two segments, one between Shady Grove and Wheaton and another from Rockville to Silver Spring.

Future plans include creating a new Q9 express line between Shady Grove, Silver Spring and College Park similar to the 79 along Georgia Avenue in the District. The first service changes could happen by the beginning of next year.

- The Safeway at New Hampshire and University closed Saturday, ending Takoma Park's fifty-year love affair with chain supermarkets. They've subleased their space to Expo Emart, a little-known Asian grocer that Safeway calls "a better fit" for the local minority and immigrant populations, while still-loyal shoppers can go up to the Hillandale branch at New Hampshire and the Beltway.

- Meanwhile, shoppers Up The Pike get a brand-spanking-new Harris Teeter. The upscale supermarket opened its new location in Maple Lawn at routes 29 and 216 this week and, as HowChow reports, the place was packed with HoCo shoppers admiring the extensive frozen foods section. While "The Teet" won't be coming to Silver Spring anytime soon, they'll could open in Olney by 2011.

- East County-based (sort of) women got written up in the papers last week: in the Gazette, there are interviews with Paula Sternberg of Buy Local Silver Spring and Local First Wheaton and Lydia Sullivan, creator of the blog/local T-shirt company Snoburbia. Not to mention, of course, a man-on-the-street quote at last weekend's SSSNA Block Party from Ginger, a self-described "hippy parent" best known for her blog Excuse Me While I Put My Foot In My Mouth.

- Fights over playgrounds in Kensington are turning childish. The Town Council banned kids over 5 from using a local park after parents complained that their toddlers were being pushed out. They allege that students at the neighboring Brookewood private school would "take up all of the [play] equipment" and break the swings while on recess. Last year, another group of Kensington parents sought to shut down "K-Town," an informal skate spot set up on a public parking lot.

- Did anyone attend Saturday's Mixed Unity Youth Peace Summit at Montgomery College? Inquiring minds (who unfortunately missed it) want to hear about it! Drop a comment or send your thoughts to justupthepike at gmail dot com.

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