Tuesday, November 24, 2009

daily snapshot: dead street sign

Dead Street Sign, Ellsworth at Cedar

Yield couldn't take it anymore. Nobody listened to him, especially after they gave him the "No Left Turn" sign. What was scary about a traffic command that was so vague? I mean, who even knew what "Yield" meant, anyway? Now, Stop - people were scared of him. Stop was tough. He'd come down hard on you if you didn't pay attention.

When Yield got cut down in battle with an errant driver, he didn't cry. He took it like a man, lying in the middle of the street, waiting for death to come.

I saw Yield on the ground and blasted down Ellsworth Drive because no one told me I couldn't make a left there. It's a nice neighborhood back there, but I'd never seen it before. Hopefully I won't get caught the next time I cut through it, either.

This is on Ellsworth Drive near Cedar Street, behind the Silver Spring Library.


Sligo said...

I know exactly what happened there. You can see the sign post is bent forward. If you are coming from the direction of Dale Drive, you have to take that little chicane to go straight, but it's hard to see at night or in the rain, especially if you are not aware that it's there.

If you took a left down there, I think you still went through a "do not enter sign". Careful, I've seen people pulled over for that right there before.

Dan Reed said...

Nice use of the word "chicane." Perhaps if Ellsworth wants to do traffic calming right they'll take out that "Do Not Enter" sign (which I did see, mind you) and put in some nice landscaping to slow drivers down. Because nothing slows drivers down than flowers they may be allergic to.

Sligo said...

I used to follow Formula One, hence my familiarity with the word.

WashingtonGardener said...

I reported the demolished sign at that corner almost two months ago - ridiculous that it is still down. Does show though have very dangerous a ped crossing it is currently to get to the SS library.

Bowie Mike said...

I agree. Stop is tough. He does mean business. But he is not the toughest. Have you ever met his cousin down at the car rental lot?