Monday, November 30, 2009

fall colors from a green roof

A few weeks ago, I got a guided tour of Eastern Village Cohousing, an "intentional community" located in a converted office building at Eastern Avenue and 14th Street. Started in Denmark in the 1960's, cohousing is designed to give residents a stronger sense of community through shared facilities and shared responsibilities. At Eastern Village, residents share everything from tools to meals, which are served in a large common kitchen. (Of course, each household has its own apartment with a private kitchen.)

The community's also gained notoriety for its environmental awareness, not only reusing a 1950's-era building but installing energy-saving features like a green roof. Five stories up, Eastern Village's roof doesn't command the same views (or offer a supply of fresh sushi) as other buildings in Downtown Silver Spring. But it doesn't take long to realize this place is worlds away from most of the condos that have gone up here in recent years. Check out this photoset of Eastern Village's green roof.

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