Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hey, I'm in a magazine!

Fenton Street Market Banner
When I visited the first Fenton Street Market last fall, I'd set my sights on a restored fixed-gear bike, which I then rode (without knowing how to stop) in a big crooked ring around the block. But I walked out with a writing gig, thanks to Amanda Hurley, friend of market founder Hannah McCann. Their day jobs are as senior editor and editor-at-large, respectively, for Architect Magazine. And it's in their December education issue that you'll find a column written by yours truly detailing how I went from architecture school to county government.

I would've posted this a looong time ago - like at the beginning of the month - but in addition to graduate school applications, work, classes, this blog, and fighting over parking spaces at various local shopping malls, I wanted to find a hard copy of the magazine, which so far I have not. (We're talking about Architect Magazine, not to be confused with Architectural Record, Architectural Digest, or any of the other architecture-related magazines that the clerks at Borders and Barnes & Noble thought I was looking for.)

But of course, the best part about the Internet is that you don't have to go anywhere to do anything. So check out the online version of my column, titled "Design for (Public) Life." (Like me, the headline writer enjoys the gratuitous and always clever use of parentheses, which I appreciate.)

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