Wednesday, March 10, 2010

what's up the pike: first bike ride of the new year

Bikes For Sale (I Rode The One In The Middle And It Was Sweet)

- Most go-go shows in East County have gotten shut down, but we've got one better for you: Chuck Brown, the godfather of go-go, and the W.P.G. Trio are coming to the Blair Mansion Inn, 7711 Eastern Avenue near Georgia, this Friday at 9pm. For more info, call 301/588-1688 or visit the Blair Mansion's website.

- Now that the snow's quickly melting away, the Voice wants you to find the "first signs of spring" in their photo contest. E-mail photos to DCGardenPhotos at aol dot com - with your name, age and contact info, of course - by March 26. Winners in their adult and youth categories will win a T-shirt, a subscription to Washington Gardener magazine, and get published in the April Voice.

- It looks like we've got a new neighbor and a new blogger at the same time: Sprung on The Spring is the diary of a couple who recently bought a house in Silver Spring and their attempts to learn about the area. They might want to fill out that blogroll if they're looking for some knowledge. (I'm just saying.) Check out their "10 Reasons Why I Want To Live in Silver Spring."

- Looking for a historian? David Rotenstein, Four Corners resident and former chairman of the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission, is looking for a job and he's got a blog about his research on the area's history. So far, he's written about a "home of the future built in Silver Spring during the 1939 World's Fair and racist covenants that kept non-whites from moving to certain neighborhoods in the 30's.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the shout-out! Blog roll being updated as I type. Will be checking back here often!

WashingtonGardener said...

so far we have 7 Voice photo contest entries - keep 'em coming!