Friday, July 30, 2010

what's up the pike: good neighbors turn the music down after 9pm

Channel 5 Reporting On Broken Stoplight at 29 and Tech Road
- From the Gazette: the County's revised plans for the new Third District police station in White Oak, scooting it away from existing homes and swapping out some low-income housing for an as yet-undetermined office building. It just goes to show that if you scream loud enough and invoke environmentalist Rachel Carson, you'll keep poor people out of your neighborhood. Congratulations, North White Oak Civic Association!

- From the Examiner: You might blanch at the high rents in downtown Silver Spring, but residents there pay less on transportation than anyone else in Montgomery County, according to a new report from the Planning Department. Silver Spring residents spend an average of $9,419 a year on transportation costs, 50% less than their counterparts in downtown Bethesda and half as much as people in semi-rural Potomac.

- Locally-bred but nationally-renowned singer-songwriter Olivia Mancini will play at Fenton Street Market at 1pm tomorrow. Better catch her now, because she might be going to graduate school at Columbia in the fall, according to this profile in the Post from last month. As always, the market's located at Fenton Street and Silver Spring Avenue and runs from 9am to 3pm every Saturday.

- From the listservs: residents in East Silver Spring say their political yard signs have been defaced and found notes, claiming to be from Montgomery County, stating they're being displayed illegally. The Department of Permitting Services didn't leave the notes, say neighbors who contacted the agency - in fact, they say, you're allowed to display campaign signs in your yard without a permit and as long as you'd like, so long as they're not "illuminated."

Last, but not least:

- The Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue, a Richmond-based group that finds homes for lost dogs, is having another adoption event on Ellsworth Drive this Saturday from 12 to 3pm. It's co-sponsored by Downtown Silver Spring and Living Ruff pet boutique.

- My going away happy hour is next Thursday from 6 to 8pm at Jackie's Sidebar, located at Georgia and Sligo avenues. Hope to see you there!

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WashingtonGardener said...

Dan - I wouldn't call our signs "defaced" - some were bent and torn and thrown in the street to be run over, others taken down and just set to the side, still others just falt out stolen.

I found one of mine tucked behind my neighbors fence, which was odd, am guessing this jackhole ran out of ideas or was just about to be caught by passersby during his early morning crime spree.