Monday, August 30, 2010

what's up the pike: blast off!

Woodside Park New Space Ship
- Big Acorn is a new website proclaiming to be the "seeds of democracy in Silver Spring," with blogs and forums where residents can discuss the latest issues of the day. Not surprisingly, skateboarding is one of them. Event producer Eric Cathcart submits this entry in support of lifting the skating ban in Veterans Plaza.

- You know how I feel about it, but reader/Towson University economics professor Seth Gitter wonders what would happen if we applied the rules of the market to public space.

- This is a couple of weeks old, but speaking of economics: Matt Yglesias suggests that restaurants on Ellsworth Drive are crappy because they work to keep competitors from opening there.

- The University of Maryland wants to be considered a "Public Ivy," but the way they've handled - or mishandled - the trial closure of Campus Drive couldn't make them look less deserving. Of course, they've declared it a success, but hopefully new president Wallace Loh will know better. Rethink College Park points us to a survey for students, faculty and staff affected by the trial.

- Historian for Hire David Rotenstein continues his study of the Veterans' Plaza drum circle with a video look at how it's set up each week.

- Rockville Central says a local rapper filmed a music video on a rooftop overlooking Rockville Town Square, which is a pretty swanky place if you haven't been up there. You might've never heard of Adam-Bomb or his "Do That Michael Phelps," but a music video does lend Rockville a little bit of street cred, doesn't it?

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Lockwood_650 said...

they made a couple of rap videos in east county too, this is one of them,...

FYI, there is more from frank diggy,aka 65,fred g, & more