Monday, September 20, 2010

kojo comes to silver spring tomorrow; i met vince gray, sort of

I came home last weekend and was in the District on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each time trying to avoid the onslaught of Vincent Gray signs. Holding my head down at 7th and H, my eyes followed the sidewalk until they landed on a group of men in suits talking to each other. One of them looks very familiar, I thought, slowly realizing that I was looking at Gray himself.

People Inside The Streetcar (1)
This is not a picture I didn't take of Vince Gray, but rather one of white and black people in a D.C. streetcar.

Holy shit, that's Vince Gray! I thought. Then, Should I take a picture? And where should I stand to take a picture discreetly? Do I use my camera or my phone? I grew irrational. What if Gray knows what I think of him and those who voted for him? Holy shit!

And so I took off down H Street, running like an idiot.

Fortunately, Kojo Nnamdi is a far more reasonable individual, as witnessed by this awesome column breaking down D.C.'s mayoral primary last week. And you'll be lucky to have him right here in Silver Spring tomorrow evening for a discussion on the big issues facing the area. It starts at 6:30pm (doors at 5:45) at the Civic Building, located at Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive.

(If we ever get the D.C. streetcar built, any Gray voter who entered their polling place grumbling that they were some kind of some kind of "socialist whitey plot" should be banned from riding them, ever.)

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