Thursday, September 9, 2010

what's up the pike: third day of school . . .

And so the wheels of this blog threaten to grind to a stop. In the meantime, though:
Taylor Gourmet
- Taylor Gourmet is one of my favorite sandwich shops in D.C., and not only because their sandwiches are named after places in Philadelphia (the bread is delivered from there each day). Its owners have been willing to take a chance on up-and-coming neighborhoods, like H Street (where they both live, above the store) and the Mount Vernon Triangle (pictured above).

So why is their first foray into Montgomery County to effing Bethesda? Sure, they already demand Bethesda prices (ten bucks for a 6" sub, chips and soda!), but when I think of their H Street clientele (hipsters, Gallaudet kids, and a few remaining middle-class black folks), I imagine they'd be more at home in Silver Spring. Don't you?

- Good Eatin' to Gazette food critics: "if you drive south and cross Randolph Road, you are still in Montgomery County."

- Historian for Hire David Rotenstein writes about carpooling and the Jewish families who started their own neighborhood in Four Corners, Northwood Park.

- The best endorsement/political rant you will ever read this year (but, perhaps, not safe for work): "We're Montgomery Fucking County. We are adjacent to the richest job bank in the motherfucking universe, that being Washington, DC. Unless the place is run by complete motherfucking idiots (and it has, at times, been so), jobs make themselves."

- Of course, the umpteenth-annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival is this weekend, featuring headliner Aaron Neville. It starts at 3:30pm Saturday in downtown Silver Spring and for the first time in Veterans Plaza at Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive.


Patrick said...


I think we'd all prefer them to come to SIlver Spring and it would seem that Silver Spring might be a better fit, at least from a demographic perspective. It could be a commentary on the current economic climate of Silver Spring. It may simple been a question of finding the right building and the right location.

The other issue with Silver Spring is that there is a lack of good urban spaces compared with Bethesda. City Place is wasting a huge chunk of what could be valuable real estate. Georgia would be much better if it had parallel parking the whole way, less lanes and less traffic. East-West hasn't really taken off yet, and I'm not quite sure what it needs to take off and start attracting more businesses, Part of the issue with East-West is that there is too much traffic, just like Georgia.

Bethesda has better urbanism, which I suspect is one reason it attracts places like this. In my opinion, it wouldn't take that much to greatly enhance the urbanism of Silver Spring (keeping pedestrian bridges banned would be a good start), but I haven't seen the will to take Silver Spring firmly into an urban place.

Silver Spring still seems like an urban hang out for suburbanites. It has to become a place for urbanites.

From an urban perspective, Bethesda is more like DC than Silver Spring. That may be the real issue here. Some traffic calming devices, less parking garages, more parallel parking, more street-level shops and restaurants, less towers and less traffic would do the trick.

East-West was not really developed that well. If Fenton Village gets redeveloped, hopefully it will be more like the redevelopment happening in DC.

Landru said...

Thank you very kindly for the link love.

MattF said...

Oh, go ahead, say rude things about Bethesda. In the meantime, I'll go downstairs and buy a sandwich.