Friday, July 22, 2011

mary j. blige to open fillmore silver spring

Check out the Fillmore Silver Spring's schedule at

The Silver Spring branch of the vaunted Fillmore chain of music halls opens September 18 with a concert by R&B singer Mary J. Blige. And they'll have a pretty eclectic lineup for their first month of business. On the 19th, DC's hipster clique Brightest Young Things hosts a Underground Rebel Bingo (which is, in fact, bingo), followed by screamo bands (Bring Me The Horizon), country (WMZQ's Homegrown Country Music Showcase), classic rock (Cheap Trick) and, of course comedian Lewis Black, Silver Spring's native son.

I notice that, for the most part, the first shows at the Fillmore are decidedly adult-oriented, perhaps allaying (unfounded) concerns raised by residents of the surrounding neighborhoods about noise and crime. I imagine there is a market for acts with a younger audience (like Bring Me The Horizon) in Silver Spring, especially as parents might be more comfortable with their kids coming to a show here rather than going into D.C. or Baltimore. I'm hopeful that, no matter who plays at the Fillmore, the venue will bring customers to surrounding business, furthering the revitalization of downtown Silver Spring.

Yet I can't help but ask: where on the schedule is the most adult of adult contemporary artists, one Michael Bolton? We know County Executive Ike Leggett likes the singer, and he's basically paying for this venue. If I were Leggett, I'd throw all the subsidies I can find at Live Nation until Michael Bolton does a three-night run at the Fillmore.


Gary said...

Blondie & Tom Tom Club & Psychedelic Furs, too ...

Middle-aged folks like me are going to be all over the place. There goes my property value.

Zinzindor said...

Oh, great, Dan, that's just the encouragement Ike needs. Next, why don't you suggest that Donald Trump engage in some self-promotion? :>