Tuesday, August 23, 2011

catch JUTP on facebook, twitter

With the school year (and my return to Philadelphia) fast approaching, it's hard for me to write full posts for JUTP. Not for a lack of material, however: when I find a link or story of interest to You, The Reader and I'm pressed for time, I usually post them to our Twitter or Facebook pages, links to both of which can be found in the right-hand column of the JUTP homepage.

Follow either page and you can get links to JUTP posts as they're published, see what else I'm reading online, find out about East County news and join the conversation by clicking "Like" or leaving your own comments. Don't have Twitter or Facebook? That's okay. You'll still be able to read both pages, but you won't be able to comment.

I don't have any plans to move the blog entirely to Facebook as Rockville Central did earlier this year, but I've definitely embraced both Facebook and Twitter as ways to keep blogging on a busier schedule.

I'm packing and moving this week, but expect regular posts to begin again within the next day or two.

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