Friday, August 5, 2011

community roundtable on youth at fenton street market tomorrow (for real this time)

Kids On Ellsworth Drive
Teens engaging in non-gang-affiliated activities in downtown Silver Spring.

Don't forget! I'm hosting a "community roundtable" at Fenton Street Market tomorrow afternoon (originally scheduled for last month on the issue of young people in Silver Spring and throughout the county, including the proposed teen curfew, which would ban youth under 18 from being out in Montgomery County after 11pm during the week and midnight on weekends. Youth issues are never far from public debate in downtown Silver Spring, particularly during the summer months, and I'm looking forward to talking to whoever stops by to talk about it.

Come on by from 12 to 1pm tomorrow afternoon to Fenton Street Market (which, as always, is open from 9am to 3pm) in Veterans Plaza at the corner of Ellsworth and Fenton.


retgroclk said...

Would it not be easier to have businesses close at 11PM or earlier everynight.

Why must certain places be created for youths under 18- these youths should be home(unless they are working or have some other legit excuse to be roaming ther streets.
If they wish to hang out with friends- let them congregate at their homes where there would be parental supervision(hopefully).
No need for anymore taxpayers money be spent on special groups

Bob Fustero.

Dan Reed said...

Well, why do we have senior centers then? They're a "special group" that get county-funded places to go meet other senior citizens, receive medical services, etc. Certainly, we can't have those if we're unwilling to provide teen centers.

retgroclk said...

Not a bad idea dan- and I am a senior citizen and while we are at it no minoority centers and no ladies night, senior citizen discounts etc etc

bob fustero