Wednesday, January 11, 2012

in case you missed it: awesome timelapse video of downtown silver spring

Downtown Silver Spring - HDR Time Lapse Preview from Tolu Omokehinde on Vimeo.

If you follow JUTP on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably already seen this. (And if you don't, please consider it! You'll get links and news that doesn't always make it to the blog!) Tolu Omokehinde and Nick Grossman, students at Montgomery Blair High School/staffers for Blair's student newspaper SilverChips posted this timelapse video they shot of downtown Silver Spring landmarks, notably the Veterans Plaza ice rink and Ellsworth/Fenton intersection.

If you're wondering why the images look so visually intense, it's because they used high dynamic range imaging or HDR, a technique in which photographs are taken at different exposures simultaneously and edited together, resulting in images that more closely resemble what the human eye sees.

As they write in SilverChips, Omokehinde and Grossman stood outside for five hours with two cameras that took a combined 2,800 photos, which were then edited together to make a 45-second clip. They plan to release additional videos, including one with scenes of Blair that include 23,000 photos taken over two months.

I'm hoping they'll get out into downtown Silver Spring again as well. Writing on the video's page, friend of JUTP Bossi suggests a slew of additional scenes, like one from a bridge over the Red Line tracks and outside the Fillmore on show night. All of these would be great places to show Silver Spring at its best.

Time permitting, of course. I'm impressed that Omokehinde and Grossman can do this while juggling all the responsibilities of high school. Keep up the good work!

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