Thursday, August 31, 2006

a birchmere breakthrough

News FLASH: Just Up The Pike gets some love from the Express, along with the rest of our blogging friends in Silver Spring. It's about time . . .

- The Post questions whether Ike Leggett may be too likable. But until Ike acknowledges my presence, I refuse to like him. I would also like him to hold actual opinions instead of pandering, but that's a bit much.

- FINALLY: Silver Spring, Singular first reported that the Birchmere is opening a second location in Downtown Silver Spring, and today the Post sheds more light on what could be the next big thing in what I'd like to call "Broadway on the Beltway." It just goes to show what a little citizen input can do.

I'm not too excited about the format, though. A listening club with "the sounds of Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris"? I'd like to see more variety, maybe like the 9:30 Club or Black Cat - or, if we're talking about suburban clubs - the Recher Theatre (pictured) in Towson. Folk rock may not find a huge following in Silver Spring.

Oh, well. It's better than a parking lot . . .

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