Thursday, August 17, 2006

let's talk about district 4 - but first:

Many of the local bloggers are being inundated with e-mailed press releases from all of the different campaigns. Today, I got one from Hans Riemer's campaign manager about his joint endorsement with Valerie Ervin from the state chapter of the National Organization for Women. Joint endorsement? What is NOW implying - that they would like you to vote by eeny-meeny-miney-mo? Perhaps.

Anyway: later this afternoon I got a shout-out in regards to a comment I made about Marilyn Praisner, Montgomery County Councilwoman and my neighbor of sorts. (I say "neighbor of sorts" because, while her house is less than a quarter-mile from mine, the non-existent connections make walking there for a cup of sugar nearly impossible.) I would like to respond by saying that no, Marilyn Praisner did not hit a kid, nor am I inferring that this ever occurred. (If you really want to talk about reckless blogging, check out MoCo Progressive's predictions for the Attorney General race.)

And while Just Up The Pike does not do endorsements, I will say that primary opponent Mike Jones has terrible writing skills and Republican Mark D. Fennel should really try stand-up. Despite my previous frustrations with Marilyn Praisner, I have far more confidence in her than I do in either of these guys.


Anonymous said...

Wow Robin, that seals it for me. Fennel has a beautiful, Hispanic wife. She's not just beautiful, she's Hispanic. He's got my vote (actually, I live in D2 - I don't know what Mike Knapp's wife looks like, but he seems to have good taste, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt).

BTW, while we are talking about Republicans, can someone explain to me why they are so afraid of being Republicans - not one of them, NOT ONE, has the balls to put the word "Republican" on any of their campaign literature, signs, etc. They all appear to gravitate to phases like "an independent voice".

This is obviously facetious. I know exactly why they don't do it. But grow a set, would you. If you want to be an independent, run as an independent, if you want to be a Republican, stand up for what you believe in - have some self-respect.

Montgomery Slacker said...

Isn't Duchy the head of Maryland NOW? I guess Valerie must have done something to tick her off...

Anonymous said...

Why does Leggett keep calling himself "independent?"

Anonymous said...

You guys are inundated with e-mailed press releases from candidates?

In Howard County we are practically ignored by the candidates except for some recent press. Their are some exceptions of course, but indundated? No way.

What is with that.

Anonymous said...

That endorsement was not made by Maryland NOW, it was made by Montgomery County NOW, which is the smaller of two NOW chapters in the county. They've apparently decided to buck both their state and national affiliates and endorse candidates over some rather strident and well-founded objections. Valerie Ervin is a long-time memember of NOW. My understanding, although I have nothing against the guy, is that Montgomery County NOW endorsed Hans because some members of the group's leadership liked him personally, whicyh sounds to me like more of an ego-based decision.