Friday, August 18, 2006

townhomes as unique as you are

Could a major upheaval at City Place be in the works? Silver Spring, Singular heard that Urban Outfitters could be joining another major retailer in the beleaguered mall Downtown. Another reason why East Montgomery County can finally secede from those snoots west of Rock Creek Park.

But Urban Outfitters, mecca to the tragically hip, is a bellwether of the current "Things That Are As Unique As You Are" trend in marketing. I opened my mailbox earlier this week and this is what I pulled out:

Now, I was skeptical until I turned it over . . .

What could be more unique than the brazenly Craftsman-inspired townhouses of Albany Grove going up on Briggs Chaney Road? It's wild, yet sophisticated! It's innovative, yet vintage! It's a giant middle finger pointed at Ryan Homes and everything they represent! Could it be . . . the Urban Outfitters of new townhomes? YES! And it's coming all coming to Silver Spring.

Oh, man, I feel so hip right now. My cul-de-sac never looked cooler.

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Sligo said...

How exactly are they "centrally located"? Relative to what?