Monday, August 28, 2006

a triumphant return to college park

Well, Just Up The Pike is now settled in at our new headquarters in College Park and getting ready for another exciting year of school. For those of you who think I'll forget about East County, don't worry: I can see the very top of the Calverton Tower from my building.

Anyway: Robert Fustero got interviewed by the Post! It's about time. Maybe I will think about casting a protest vote . . . ?

Thanks to MoCo Progressive for the heads-up.


Robin Ficker said...

Why does the Post try to dictate choices? Why don't they ever post the photos of the 3 Democrats together instead to treating Fustero like a human interest story? Why haven't focused on the failure of Leggett to debate opposing viewpoints? Why haven't they focused on the failure of Leggett et. al. to blog in their own names?

Rfustero said...

I hope in your spare time you can work in getting some decent restaurants in College Park

Sligo said...

Udupi Palace is within driving distance of College Park. That's all I'd need.

Dan Reed said...

I concur. Udupi and Tiffin are great - gotta represent my Indian people.