Wednesday, October 18, 2006

how many groundbreakings does it take . . .

for Ehrlich to make a point?
"We’ll look forward to three or four more [groundbreakings] before Nov. 7." - Rick Abbruzzese, spokesman for Martin O'Malley
pictured: the ICC at Route 29.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully 10 more since I talk to residents daily who don't know they're finally building the ICC. The ICC's original plans were started before my parents had even graduated elementary school and I'm a recent college grad living in MoCo (where I grew up and my parents did). The Democrats have said for 40+ years they'd do this and have done nothing--im glad someone FINALLY did something. He can have 45 groundbreakings for all I care--I'm not a repuglican, but I do respect Ehrlich for this and may vote for him because of it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it doesn't look like this.

It would be both faster and cheaper.