Tuesday, November 7, 2006

it's election day!

The U-Md. campus is littered with "Vote!" signs, though the school newspaper is noting that there will be a record low turnout at the polling place in the Stamp Union. I plan to vote myself this afternoon - back home, at old Galway Elementary School.

My favorite campaign sign "ensemble" is at the corner of Cherry Hill Road and Route 1 in College Park, in front of the IHOP. There's a big Ben Cardin sign in the ground. Stuck to the front of it are several Michael Steele signs. And, stuck on top of one Steele sign is a Robin Ficker/Property Tax Relief sign.

Nevermind that this is Prince George's County . . . oh, well.

I will tell you what I told all of my friends today: "Go vote for all the right people!"

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Anonymous said...

I saw D.C. mayoral campaign signs all over Silver Spring before the primary.