Saturday, November 25, 2006

next week at just up the pike . . .

I'm doing what I do best - long features - so watch out for the following pieces:

MONDAY & TUESDAY: I'll be talking about the schools. On Monday, I'll look at how the Northeast Consortium's attempts to engineer diversity in East County high schools has been hurting students' ability to attend the school of their choice.

On Tuesday, I'll be talking about the renovation of Galway, one of the County's largest elementary schools (pictured).

WEDNESDAY: I'll be re-capping County Executive-elect Ike Leggett's town hall meeting in Chevy Chase the night before. My explicit purpose for this trip is to see what Leggett will say about the Purple Line in front of its biggest opponents. I think it'll be fun!

THURSDAY: While Save Our Seminary held a guided tour of the Forest Glen Seminary this weekend, I went out to see the redevelopment of this historical landmark for myself and took lots of pictures. How is this child's playground growing up? You'll find out.

Of course, you'll also get all the normal news and gossip that all blogs are dependent on. I feel this method gives me a better focus, however - another step in making Just Up The Pike a better blog.

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