Sunday, January 7, 2007

coming soon . . .

While Churchill High Principal Joan Benz hopes her comments on the screenplay-ready racial divide in Potomac doesn't get her fired, Just Up The Pike readers have something to look forward to this coming week.

- On Tuesday, I'll be heading to less-racist Einstein High for a Town Hall Meeting at 8 p.m. The headliner is none other than Governor Martin O'Malley (whom you may better know as the former lead singer of O'Malley's March), with our very own Ike Leggett on back-up. Let's see if Ike still remembers who I am.

- And, after that, more Model House Reviews from Calverton all the way out to Clarksburg. What happens when a blogger with a full bladder bursts into a model house? You'll soon find out.

Come back soon! My business cards just came in the mail, and they look spectacular!


Anonymous said...

dude, are you really only 18 years old? That's what the Takoma Voice web site says. You're one smart young fellow.

Dan Reed said...

Aw, shoot, I thought I could at least pass for twenty. Thanks for letting me know about my blurb in the Voice, though. "Dry topics," indeed: I knew I should've just learned to play guitar like everyone else my age.