Thursday, January 11, 2007

emus for the county council

- Yesterday's Town Hall meeting review brought Just Up The Pike approximately 260 visitors, its highest since the site meter was added in November. (In second place is November 29, the day after Ike Leggett's last Town Hall meeting.)

- Meanwhile: This week I called the offices of Ike Leggett and seven of the nine County Councilmembers (excluding Phil Andrews and Mike Knapp, who represent Rockville and the Upcounty), and I've successfully made appointments with four councilmembers for next month. Three other councilmembers have yet to return my phone calls (including the elusive Valerie Ervin). Ditto for Ike Leggett. What's up with that, Ike?

WHOOPS: Silver Springer from Silver Spring Scene asks, "What are you going to ask them?"

I intend to visit the emu farm in Howard County (not to be confused with the emo farm) and offer a poached emu as a sacrifice to each County Councilmember, and five emus for Ike Leggett, in exchange for breaking ground on the Purple Line the following day.

But, really: I want to know how Valerie Ervin challenged her old boss and Roger Berliner got elected in Bethesda despite supporting the Purple Line. I'd like to hear about the "old days" of Calverton with Marilyn Praisner and talk with George Leventhal about blogs and growth. Most importantly, I'd like to know just how ridiculously nice Ike really is. And I'd like to do it in a casual, conversational manner, the same way I did with Hans Riemer last summer. I want to know my County Council as people, not just politicians.

And we'll see how well that works over the next month . . .


Silver Springer said...

What do you plan on asking them?

Anonymous said...

Ike isn't really nice. He's incredibly fake.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you from personal experience that Ike will backstab you the first chance he gets. Not nice at all.

Anonymous said...

Roger Berliner didn't get elected "despite" supporting the Purple Line - just the opposite. Voters in Bethesda overwhelmingly support the Purple Line. Chevy Chase is more split - Rollingwood and Somerset support it, Town of Chevy Chase (narrowly) and the neighborhood north of E-W Hwy between Conn. Ave. and Rock Creek (strongly) oppose it, other neighborhoods are split in various proportions. People in Potomac really don't care about it, except they hate traffic and are in favor of any transportation project that doesn't go through Potomac (ICC, Purple Line, Corridor Cities, whatever, just don't widen Glen Road or build the Techway).