Wednesday, January 3, 2007

in and out for moco: 2007 edition

Inspired by the Post's What's In and Out for 2007, our own list at Just Up The Pike: "In and Out for MoCo: 2007 Edition":

Steve SilvermanIke Leggett
ClarksburgCrown Farm
"The Turf"Cold, hard pavement
InterCounty ConnectorPurple Line
Building snowmen in winterTanning, just like the rest of the year
Fake loftsReal pagodas
walking down Ellsworth Driveskating down Ellsworth Drive
Megachurches on New HampshireMegachurches everywhere else
AFI Silver TheatreThe Birchmere
Westfield Shoppingtown Wheaton"Hey, Why Are We Driving All The Way Out To Montgomery" Mall
Silver Sprung$ilver Bling
Gifford'sColdstone Creamery
Indian Spring Country ClubIndian Spring Estates: From the $700's
Northwood High's GreaseBlake High's High School Musical
The O.C.The Mo C

The following was submitted by loyal reader Ginger:

Trader Joe'sWhole Foods
StarbucksMayorga Coffee
SoBe (South Bethesda)NoBe (North Bethesda)


Merujo said...

Mayorga Coffee? Heck yeah!!! I'm addicted.

Anonymous said...

The Purple Line won't put a dent in year-round tanning. It's got to be a system that goes more places, doesn't make people wait, and is less expensive to build and operate. The clock is ticking.