Tuesday, January 2, 2007

so this is the new year

Sometime on December 31, Just Up The Pike had its 3,000th counted visitor since I added the hit counter a month earlier, meaning that this blog might have gotten over 10,000 visitors since we first set up shop one evening last June. From one rant about a flooded bridge to following the County elections, it's been an amazing start, and the new year promises even bigger and better things.

like Fall Out Boy, McMansions have been declared passe.This has nothing to do with East County, but the Post's In and Out List for 2007 is here. Take heed: Fall Out Boy and McMansions (pictured) are OUT, while stovepipe jeans and Hollister (which is the creepiest store in Wheaton Plaza) are IN.

Perhaps there should be a MoCo "In and Out" List. Come back tomorrow: I think I have an idea.

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