Monday, February 19, 2007

this week on just up the pike

These cookie-cutter castles are located in Orchard Hill, a new Ryan Homes subdivision down the street from Blake High School. The website shows three models, but only one's been built so far. This was going to be a Model House Review, but the house was locked when I came by at 2 on a Monday afternoon. Oh, well. I dig the "bombed-out" look of the landscape. It's very charming.

ANYWAY: Perhaps I'm being too hard on myself, but I feel a little lazy for the lag time between meetings on the "County Government Head-to-Head Tour" and when I actually get around to discussing them. Between snow storms dicking around with the daily pace of life (how about that six-day weekend, Montgomery County Public Schools?) and the usual rush of life at school, it's hard to keep deadlines.

Nonetheless, TUESDAY we'll hear from Ike Leggett, on THURSDAY we'll hear some more from George Leventhal, and in between we'll probably make fun of Amy Kostant again. (I kid, I kid.) In the meantime: check out this new line of Barbies made "just for" Montgomery County!

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