Wednesday, May 30, 2007

mid-day review (updated)

IN THE GAZETTE: Freshman county councilmembers reflect on the first six months; Weast insists on "mandatory busing" in Hampshire Greens [and JUTP told you first]; a triplet I student-taught at Blake is going to college.

When I first met Hans Riemer last summer, he noted I was the only blogger in East County at the same time. "It's kind of like the Wild West out there," he said. Well, I'm not so alone anymore: Check out Stefan M. and his "Thoughts from downtown B-Vill," by which we presume he means Burtonsville. Note the grainy photograph of the Starting Gate, a bar on the Anne Arundel side of Laurel, on the home page. We're not sure what his blog is about, but it's pretty funny.

UPDATE: Also check out Down By The River, a blog about the "eastern most edge of Silver Spring" written from someone who lives off Briggs Chaney Road (I guess). I think that brings it up to twelve East County blogs. Talk about a bloggy neighborhood . . .

TOMORROW: Guest blogger Adam explains the Annual Growth Policy in time for next month's debates. IN THE MEANTIME: Test-driving the new Rockville Town Square.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget Down By the River, also an East-County blogger.

Sligo said...

Is that Matt Foley's blog?