Friday, May 4, 2007

you've always wanted to meet your favorite bloggers . . .

And now you can: this Tuesday, May 8th, please come down to the Silver Spring Blogger Summit, held at the Gateway Heliport Gallery, 8001 Kennett Street, Silver Spring - ahem, South Point. New York may have the bloggiest neighborhood, but the Silver Spring Blogging Conglomerate knows how to party - or, at least, take part in a panel discussion on blogs and gentrification. There will be food, I have been told.

On my way home last week, I found myself in front of a Z6 bus, the very same bus I began riding last summer to work. There's a little irony in taking a picture of bus from inside my car, but I owe Metrobus: their less-than-ideal service to East County is the reason I started blogging.

YOUR SATURDAY HAS ALREADY BEEN PLANNED FOR YOU: Planning Board tackles new growth policy in the morning; that afternoon, show your "Turf" colors at the "Turf Town Meeting."

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Sligo said...

Man, the work week passes so slowly when you have a county policy hearing to look forward to on the weekend!