Monday, November 19, 2007

valerie ervin responds to I.M.P. proposal for music hall

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Two weeks after local promoter Seth Hurwitz challenged Live Nation for the chance to open a music hall Downtown, County Councilwoman Valerie Ervin (D-Silver Spring) responds with a letter she's sending out to interested parties.

Hurwitz - the owner of It's My Party (I.M.P.) productions - along with communications director Audrey Schaefer and their lawyer have been visiting County Councilmembers with their counter-proposal for the J.C. Penney building on Colesville Road.

The letter reads:

Thank you for your letter advocating for the County to enter into negotiations with IMP. I reviewed your letter when it was received by my office. I was disappointed that the County was not able to complete a deal with the Birchmere; however, I remain committed to advocating for a live music venue in downtown Silver Spring because it would build upon the success of the Arts and Entertainment District. I continue to believe that the former JC Penney site is an ideal location for a live music venue because it is not adjacent to residential properties, additional parking may be constructed, and the North side of Colesville Road needs a significant project to jumpstart its revitalization.

Negotiations on economic development contracts are an Executive Branch function. I have discussed this issue with the County Executive, and his position continues to be that until negotiations with Live Nation have been concluded there will be no negotiations with any other parties for a music venue. Once an agreement is reached, the County Executive will forward the proposal to the Council where it will be fully reviewed. As a Councilmember, I cannot intervene in contract negotiations; however, I have met with both Live Nation and IMG [sic] representatives. At this stage in the process, the County is obligated to negotiate in good faith with Live Nation and the Lee Development Group.

Thank you for the time you have devoted to this issue, and I appreciate hearing your concerns. Your views are important to me and help me in my deliberations on matters that affect the residents of District 5.


Valerie Ervin


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